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    Help a Phoenix Charity by Donating your Vehicle

    Charity car donations in Phoenix are a great way to help a local charity as well as take advantage of a tax write-off. Charities in Phoenix are currently struggling and the infusion of cash provided by the funds a Phoenix charity car donation will bring at auction can be well used for worthwhile services.

    In many cases, you will be eligible for a tax write-off when you donate a vehicle to a charity in Phoenix. Only in certain circumstances would your Phoenix car donation not be eligible for a tax write-off. This is usually related to the condition of the car.

    In the event the car you donate to a Phoenix charity sells at auction for less than $500 you still have the ability to deduct up to $500 for the donation you made to the Phoenix charity. If the car does happen to sell for more than $500, then the Phoenix charity will send you the necessary paperwork so that you can write off the appropriate amount of your taxes.

    Remember that your car does not have to be in perfect condition to donate it to a Phoenix charity. In many cases, you may even be able to donate your vehicle to a Phoenix charity even if it does not run. The Phoenix charity can still auction it in many cases.

    If you have a vehicle that you are not using, instead of letting it continue to sit around, do consider donating it to a Phoenix charity. You will truly be helping someone in your local Phoenix area as well as helping your own tax situation as well. You can find out more information regarding how you can help your local Phoenix charity with a car donation at the Center for Car Donations.

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