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    Car Donation Story: Knock-knock-knockin’ on heaven’s door for hay

    Do you think your vehicle is not fit for donation?  Here’s a car donation story that might make you change your mind.

    Her name was Jolene, and from the moment I brought her home, she was knocking on heaven’s door. She was a 1993 GMC Jimmy with a blown head gasket, and she was all I could afford with my part-time job. Three months after I brought Jolene home, she died quietly in my parking lot: the key turned, but nothing happened. I couldn’t afford to have her fixed (it wouldn’t have made financial sense anyway), and I couldn’t afford to have her towed. Jolene sat in my driveway for three years, an eyesore and an embarrassment.

    I almost didn’t even see Jolene in my driveway anymore when my friend, Tom, suggested I donate her.

    “Donate?” I asked incredulously. “I can’t even turn her on!”

    Tom smiled, and then he told me he worked for the Center for Car Donations, located right here in Bend.

    “They’ll come and get it for free, take care of all the paper work, and get her out of here.”

    I wondered what would become of her; maybe she was only fit for the crusher, and I was pretty sure it would be a waste of time and money for both of us. My friend explained to me that a charity of my choice would receive the proceeds, and I would receive a tax credit.

    “Okay,” I said nervously. “I’m in.”

    I was not expecting it to be as smooth and seamless a process as Tom said it would be, but I was proved wrong when I came out one morning to a tow truck getting ready to hook up Jolene and take her away. Within minutes, my embarrassment turned to joy as I saw her tail gate disappear around the corner. I was finally free! I was, however, still expecting the other shoe to drop: no one was going to purchase this hunk of junk, and I was sure that I was going to end up with a bill for towing.

    A month later, the envelope came. I opened it nervously, expecting a bill that would cost me more than the truck had in the first place. It was not a bill. Instead, I found that The Center for Car Donations had sold my truck, the Equine Outreach program was receiving the proceeds, and I had a tax credit form in hand. It was all done, and it was just as easy as Tom assured me it would be. Not only did I rid myself of an eyesore, I was able to donate to a charity that I personally believe in, and I was able to get a credit on my taxes.  Now you know my car donation story; I hope it helps you!

    This car donation story benefited Equine Outreach. Image of horse with text help save this life. don't let this majestic creature go hungry. now accepting donations and hay. Equine Outreach horse rescue.



    FAQs about signing your title for your car donation

    Today’s most frequently asked question is about the pick up of your donated vehicle

    Many donors ask it they must be present when their car is picked up. The answer is usually no, if you have the signed title and can leave it in the glove box or someplace for the driver to pick it up, then you do not have to be there. Center for Car Donations will pick up your donated car and signed title then send you an tow receipt. Once the car sells, you will receive a thank you letter and request for your social security number so we can prepare a tax receipt. In some states you must have your title notarized, so you may have to do that ahead of time.

    Signing your title is the most important part of the car donation process. If you sign it incorrectly, it could take months to get it corrected, so we recommend that when you make arrangements to pick you donated vehicle, you speak with our title specialist at the auction company before signing the title. They can walk you through every step of the process.

    If you’re donating a vehicle in North Carolina you will need to have your title notarized. This can be done at a bank or at a mail house like Mailboxes, etc. However, before you have your title notarized, make sure you have spoken with the auction company to determine where your title needs to be signed. You can always call us at Center for Car Donations and we can walk you through the process.

    If you’re donating a vehicle in Pennsylvania you will need to have your title notarized. This can be done at a bank or at a mail house like Mailboxes, etc. However, before you have your title notarized, make sure you have spoken with the auction company to determine where your title needs to be signed. You can always call us at Center for Car Donations and we can walk you through the process.


    Jacquie Elliott

    Center for Car Donations, LLC
    1445 NW Portland Ave.
    Bend, Oregon 97701
    tel: 877-411-3662
    fax: 541-647-5747






    Donate Your Vehicle to LGBTQ Organizations

    Center for Car Donations is pleased to announce that we have partnered with several new non-profits.  You can now donate your vehicle to LGBTQ organizations!

    These groups have variety of missions. They are all focused on equal rights for all and other LGBT issues.  The gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and queer community needs all the help they can get in this exciting and dynamic time.

    We want to introduce you to some of these new charities. Gay City, located in Seattle, promotes wellness in LGBT communities by providing health services, connecting people to resources, fostering arts and building community. Utah Pride supports and serves the Utah LGBTQ community and its allies to strengthen their collective vision, impact, and collaboration.  The American Military Partner Association, located in Texas, connects, supports, honors, and serves the partners, spouses and families of America’s LGBT service members and veterans. Portland Gay Men’s Chorus, located in Oregon, aspires to expand, redefine, and perfect the choral art through electric performances that honor and uplift the gay community and affirm the worth of all people.

    If you want to donate your vehicle to LGBTQ organizations, you can visit our website at  Click on “pick a charity.” Select LGBT, and then click on your favorite LGBT nonprofit.  Celebrate love for all: give to our LGBTQ organizations!

    Do you want to donate your vehicle to LGBTQ organizations not on the list?  Please let us know.  We will work with them to create a successful program and help them further their mission.  Please contact our development department (877) 411-3662. You can also email at  Nonprofits are not just our business. Helping charities and nonprofits is our passion! You can help us reach more people and resources across the country. We sincerely appreciate your input.






    Choices, Choices: You Can Pick A Charity!

    Have a vehicle to donate but no charity in mind?  We can help with that! Pick a charity with Center for Car Donations!


    Our ever-growing list allows you to pick a charity or nonprofit! We have many options to choose from.  Simply go to, and click on “Pick a Charity” from our menu items. We facilitate vehicle donations for over 250 nonprofit and charities organizations in over 30 states across the country. There are plenty of options available to you.

    When you pick a charity, everyone wins! Here are some of the many choices. WMPG is Greater Portland Maine’s Community Radio. Bethlehem Inn provides food and shelter for those experiencing homelessness in Central Oregon.  Sonoma County Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Program is committed to serving abused and neglected children coming before the Juvenile Court for protection and rehabilitation services. The Humane Society of Greater Akron rescues and rehabilitates abused, abandoned and neglected animals of Summit County. The American Military Partner Association is the nation’s largest resource and support network for LGBT military partners, spouses, their families, and allies. Guide Dogs of the Desert provides custom trained guide dogs for the blind, and for those with special needs, for safe mobility, companionship, and independence.

    Once you pick a charity, simply fill in the online donation request form. We will call you within 24 hours to process your donation. You can also call us directly at (877) 411-3662.  We are always excited to receive your donations! All of our charities and nonprofits appreciate your support.

    Do you want to pick a charity but can’t find them on the list?  Please contact us, and we will see what options are available for them.  Call our development department at (877) 411-3662. You can also email us at Nonprofits are not just our business. Helping charities and nonprofits is our passion! You can help us reach more resources across the country.  We greatly appreciate your input!


    Your Guide to Responsible Vehicle Donations

    question mark

    If you have a vehicle that you aren’t using anymore, you have some options as to how you can lighten your load. Of course you could sell your vehicle, but that can take time out of your busy schedule and money to advertise. We at the Center for Car Donations strongly believe that donating your vehicle is the right way to go. Donating your vehicle helps your charity of choice, it gives you a tax write-off, and the right donation program gives you peace of mind knowing that all it took you was a phone call.

    The key to the whole process is finding a responsible company to handle the donation.  We present to you a guide to responsible vehicle donations.

    According to a 2005 Government Accountability Office report,

    “Of the 45 charities we contacted during our review that reported using third-party agents, 20 said third parties were paid a percentage of net proceeds for their vehicle donation services, many splitting the net proceeds 50/50.”

    At the Center for Car Donations, our charities receive at least 70% of the net proceeds, but beyond that, we truly fight for every dollar. We feel passionately about small charities in particular, and we realize that an extra $50 might make the difference between several hungry families eating at a food pantry per week or provide food for horses at Oregon’s Equine Outreach for another month. $50 might not seem like much for a large charity, but the heart and soul of our business – small charities – tangibly benefits from some extra work on our part. Because every vehicle matters so much, our team-centered approach facilitates getting the most bang out of your buck.


    According to, in a 2004 Senate Finance Committee meeting, witnesses described less than reputable methods some vehicle donation companies employed for selfish gains:

    “In a practice the witness described as “fixing cars,” some middlemen purposely disable cars, by simple techniques such as pulling a fuse or turning the distributor cap, so that they can be purchased for very little at auctions or used car lots and then resold for what the car was originally worth.”

    At the Center for Car Donations, we do things a little differently. Your vehicle is sold at an “arm’s length transaction” through an auction. We do everything we can to make sure your vehicle is sold for as much as possible. In a recent vehicle donation, Office Manager, Tom Bidot, was confronted with a non-working car that the donor assured us was working. Tom did a little leg work and found out that the ignition fuse was blown and needed be replaced. The vehicle was able to be sold as a running, near mint condition vehicle and provided valuable funds for the donor’s charity of choice.

    At the Center for Car Donations, charities are our passion and the reason we are in this business. Unlike other vehicle donation processors, our small staff knows what is happening with each vehicle, and we are all dedicated to collecting every dollar we can for the charity. We look forward to handling your car donations some day soon.







    Warrior Foundation Freedom Station Vehicle Donation

    Warrior Foundation Freedom Station Vehicle Donation

    We are so proud of our donors and nonprofits!
    A generous donor donates his 2009 Par Car to Warrior Foundation Freedom Station.
    They gave it to an injured soldier so he can have mobility!

    Donate your vehicle to Warrior Foundation Freedom Station!

    Warrior Foundation Freedom Station Vehicle Donation

    Warrior Foundation Freedom Station Vehicle Donation.

    Warrior Foundation Freedom Station Vehicle Donation

    Warrior Foundation Freedom Station Vehicle Donation.
















    Preparing for a car donation

    Donating a car is easy, but here are a few tips to make sure you are prepared.

    1. Go through your car and take out all personal papers.

    2. Take out your garage door opener

    3. Take out all cd’s

    4. Remove your fastrak stickers

    You do not need to wash your car before donating it as most auctions will wash it before a sale. If you have questions about getting prepared to donate your car, call 877-411-3662 and a representative can walk you through the steps.




    Can I donate my car if I lost my key?

    Most tow companies can pick up your car without a key, however, you will want to look high and low for it because your car will usually sell for more money at the auction if you have a key. That means you get a higher tax receipt when you donate the car and your favorite charity gets more of the proceeds.

    Donating Golf Carts

    Donating a golf cart is as easy as donating a car. This week, Center for Car Donations received two golf carts. One was street legal and the other was not. We sent our tow truck to pick them up and the donor got a tax receipt. These carts are sold at the auction and the donors will receive a tax receipt in the amount for which they sell. So if you’ve got a golf cart taking up room in your garage, a great option would be to donate it, running or not,  to your favorite charity by calling 877-411-3662. It’s great exercise to walk the back nine anyway!