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    Preparing for a car donation

    Donating a car is easy, but here are a few tips to make sure you are prepared.

    1. Go through your car and take out all personal papers.

    2. Take out your garage door opener

    3. Take out all cd’s

    4. Remove your fastrak stickers

    You do not need to wash your car before donating it as most auctions will wash it before a sale. If you have questions about getting prepared to donate your car, call 877-411-3662 and a representative can walk you through the steps.

    Can I donate my car if I lost my key?

    Most tow companies can pick up your car without a key, however, you will want to look high and low for it because your car will usually sell for more money at the auction if you have a key. That means you get a higher tax receipt when you donate the car and your favorite charity gets more of the proceeds.

    Donating Golf Carts

    Donating a golf cart is as easy as donating a car. This week, Center for Car Donations received two golf carts. One was street legal and the other was not. We sent our tow truck to pick them up and the donor got a tax receipt. These carts are sold at the auction and the donors will receive a tax receipt in the amount for which they sell. So if you’ve got a golf cart taking up room in your garage, a great option would be to donate it, running or not,  to your favorite charity by calling 877-411-3662. It’s great exercise to walk the back nine anyway!